Manufacturing Sales Channels

The Mobile Channel Guide- a mobile, web based information enablement platform that establishes a one to one connection with the sales channel to provide current information organized for easy access and guiding the sales rep through the sales process. 
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Manufacturing Technical Support Channels

The Digital Interactive Guide is a mobile information enablement platform that resides natively in the mobile device.  Downloaded from a web server, the Guide is a digital interactive manual for the technical support person. 
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Trade Shows, Events and Meetings

The Mobile Event Guide provides complete, up to date information to the attendees of your conference, trade show or meeting.  Easy access to all information through the attendees smart phone or tablet.
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Mobile Web

The Mobile Web Creator provides easy, do it yourself  mobile web site creation. Over 90% of adults in the United States have cell phones. More people access the web via their mobile phones than with any other method. 
Just as companies realized, circa 1996, that they needed to create a website to remain relevant to consumers, history is repeating itself in mobile.
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