Mobile Web Sites

Create Your Own Mobile Site
   For Smartphones and Tablets

The Mobile Web Creator is:
  • Easy to use- no special software skills required.  If you can manipulate a MS Word document- you'll be able to create your mobile site
  • Economical- most mobile sites can be created from $1,000 to $2,000 and maintained for about $1,400 annually. 
  • Be in control of your mobile market.  Get a Mobile Web Site.
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Mobile Web Creator Process:  Step 1

Design Matters

How your website looks is one of the most important overall factors of your site. Poorly designed or outdated websites can affect how customers view your brand. Make sure to use an aesthetically pleasing color palette, keep text readable by having it contrast with the background and invest in taking some quality photos of your business to display on your site. These simple steps will put your small business website way ahead of the competition.

Mobile Web Creator Process: Step 2

Content is King

Create a Call to Action
Decide the action you want your website visitors to take. Are you an offline business looking to send customers to a retail location? Then make sure your phone number is large and easy to read, use a click-to-call button for customers visiting from a mobile device and add a map so customers can find you.
Do you want customers to buy products or schedule an appointment on your website? Then place a large obvious button guiding visitors through your purchase flow. Your goal is to make it as easy as possible for your customers to do business with you.

Use Relevant Content
Once you have a call to action (CTA) defined, use this to guide your website content. If you’re an offline business, make sure to include content that answers your customers most common questions, like pricing, locations, business hours and how to contact you. If you’re selling online you need to give your visitors enough confidence to make a purchase- so try including extra photos and fully describe your products.

Mobile Web Creator Process:  Step 3

Target Visitors on Tablet & Mobile

It’s not enough to make a responsive website that is just readable on tablet and mobile, you should be actively changing your CTA to engage the different audiences. On desktop and tablet, you might want users to fill out a contact form, but on mobile you might want to place a click-to-call button to generate more phone calls. Or learn to leverage device specific features like GPS to allow users to map directly to your location, or to find the location closest to them.

Mobile Web Creator Process: Summary

Remember the basics of any communication strategy:  Who, What, When, Where, Why.  

Choose a good design; create good content; include a call to action; personalize your message. 

The Mobile Media Group can help you in the initial conceptual stages of creating your mobile web site and instruct you on how to manage the mobile site. 

Plus- there are additional techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than can be considered- the Mobile Media Group can assist with this as well. 

Finally- the Mobile Media Group will also advise you on your  main website.  Perhaps a complete redesign of web site presence is in order.  We can help you with that as well. 
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